116 People have signed the Theodora Rescue Committee’s Petition asking Goodman Real Estate and Volunteers of America to withdraw from their purchase and sale agreement.

River Curtis-Stanley 98366
Deborah Valentine 98201
tina 98111
Charles Schrag 98122
Dorli Rainey Stop the war on affordable housing. 98199
Julia K
Gerald Alexander 98115
Rachel Nagorsky 98117
Patricia Ann 98104
Ian Davros 98144
Timothy Doub thank s for everybodies helping the rescue committe 98115
Genesis Makaneole
Maggie Wykowski 98122
Cindy Domingo 98117
Greg Miller
Roger Weaver
Mary Byrd 98112
Therese Nauwelaertz
Evelyn Otsubo 98204
Chelsea Hymes As a former employee of The Theodora, I implore Mr. King and Mr. Goodman to thoughtfully consider the well-being of the vulnerable adults residing in their long-time home. The stress of this traumatic change has already caused considerable mental suffering for the residents, and finding new homes is often a long and painful process for them. I myself have witnessed their suffering. Please help them keep their peaceful home.
elisegoldin 11238
Mariel Boyarsky 98122
elianahorn 98144
Peter T. Metzger 98115
Robert Caplan 98115
Karin schumacher we also need this help in south king is much higher than the sec 8 payment standard.they continue to be raised with every lease offer each year. thank you. karin 98003
Virginia Weihs 98117
andrew somora
Richard Jackman
Corey Snelson 98133
Janet Welt Please prioritize people over profits. A decent affordable home is a fundamental human need. There’s no need for greed.
Letha Myers 98117
Rachel Lordkenaga 98070
Crisanna Smith 98032
Emilee Wilmoth
Sandra Husband Please withdraw your offer! 98166
charles 98026
Michael Blumson
Oralea Howard 98115
Yasmeen Perez 11220
Tammy Morris Hello Sir,

Since 2005, King County apartment rents have continued to grow, pushing
low-income and disabled tenants to find unsafe or unhealthy rental homes
outside of the Seattle area. It is also harder for low-income and
disabled tenants to find medical, education, transportation, and
nutrition resources locally. Moving to an rural or underdeveloped area
that does not offer social services locally, means low-income and
disabled tenants have to travel longer and further distances to access
any kind of social services that may be available.

Please be one of the first property developers/managements to support
King County residents with keeping affordable housing options locally in
the Greater Seattle area.

Thank you for your time.


Nancy White 98115
Erica Weiland
Ronald D. Pike Sell to a non-profit please. Thanks. 98105
Tony Provine 98115
Marci Foster 98105
Andrew 98115
Dylan Colt 98118
ImWorthy Reese 98178
Patricia E McNeilly I may be outside the Seatle City Limits but if we don’t act now we may never be able to stop it. Please allow me to help in any way that I can. 98032
Wendy Linton 98115
Andrea J. Bernard Making a profit at the expense of the most vulnerable is one of the lowest things imaginable. 98122
Brett Taylor 98115
Terri Anderson We are fortunate in eastern Washington that developers like you are not displacing tenants, yet. You can be an example to landlords all over the state by showing that tenants are important to Seattle and the state of Washington. You must allow low income tenants the dignity to have a home. We count on the progressive side of the state to do the right thing so when it our turn, you have shown the way. Please end your purchase of this building and demonstrate your civic responsibility. Thank you. 99203
Yiren Gallagher 74119
Fern Feldman 95060
Carrie Bowman 98115
Denise Merkling 98115
Laura Blumhagen 98117
Karen Fardal 98105
Stephanie Wolfe 98117
Eitan Isaacson 98144
Devon Anderson 98115
Rosemary Grant 98115
Linda Staab My grandparents lived at The Theodora during their last years and were very happy there. It is vital that low income seniors have places like this, where they can live out their lives with dignity. 98201
Kathleen Goepferd 98115
Hali Erickson 98115
Christina Woelz 98106
Nicholas Barnard 98104
Jane Thornton This building is essential to keeping diversity in the neighborhood. My husbands grandparents lived here for years, long ago. Many of these folks have served our country. They deserve not being displaced so someone can make more money. 98115
Katrina Blomquist 98115
Alison Ippolito 98105
Jane Hall 98115
Laura Lenss 98115
Christie Robertson 98115
Mark Helsel Please help to keep this valuable resource available in our neighborhood! 98115
Darcie Johnson 98105
Nicole Wholf 98105
Beth Graham 98115
Cheri Dracobly 98115
Kristina Straus It is so important to retain affordable housing in our communities. I want our veterans and disabled neighbors to be able to remain in their homes and in our neighborhood. 98115
Meghan Kapousouz 98105
Thomas Green 98115-7979
Naomi Goldenson 98102
Asher Wingfield 98118
Ann Nez 98105
Wendy Somerson 98122
Eva Dale 98112
Maia Brown 98125
Michael Blum 98115
Andrea Marcos 98144
Amy D’Acquisto 98125
Shari Silverman 98107
Michelle Kinnucan 98107
John Geyer 98115
De Lise Frampton Hartzel 98115
Gail Engler Continued predatory practices on the backs of those who can least afford it. 98107
Pamela Otoole 98339
Erika Knutila 98109
Renee Banks 98115
Lindsay Hansen 98117
Stefanie Fox 98144
Kristin Lindell 98051

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