Who are We?








My name is Tim and I am a resident at the Theodora. I lived there since February of 2001. I like the location of the Theodora because it is walking distance to work or I can take the bus. I feel the neighborhood is safe, it’s low-crime as far as Seattle goes. I am bummed out about moving from the Theodora. If I had to move, I would have to throw out a lot of stuff. I already feel like I have thrown out a lot to deal with some of the other problems the Theodora has had. I feel like I am getting pressured by people to move, and I don’t think it’s fair. That’s why I joined the Theodora Rescue Committee. 



My name is Peter and I live here and I’ve been here a long time. I like to read books. When I have time, I am a Starbucks addict. I have gotten to know people here real well. I’m not a football fan except on Superbowl Sunday. I’m from Long Island. I’ve done a lot of backpacking and wish I could do more. I have a FORD truck that I have a love hate relationship with.

I feel very lucky to have crash-landed here 22 years ago almost and it’s been in some ways very wonderful. I love many things about it– its gone through some terrible times and right now it’s a time of great stress because it seems to be slipping away from us. I have my window open most of the year and fresh air comes in because right outside there are all these trees that I love.

While here I have met many people who have been homeless and that’s been eye opening. Once you become friends with people who have been homeless it changes perspective really dramatically.
Everything is in walking distance: the library, Starbucks, the grocery store, the place that cuts your hair. I do believe that people live not just in buildings, but also in neighborhoods. That’s another thing that bothers me. People are being uprooted not just from buildings, but from communities, from familiar association, the people they know, the lady at the dry-cleaner etc.

I am hoping to see that the Theodora remains a place for low-income people. The Theodora needs someone that can make decisions that are not beholden to the East Coast. It needs local control.

The city is booming, I suppose. It’s also struggling with homelessness and I don’t necessarily see a connection because there are a lot of so-called affordable housing and lots of people who are concerned about it… I think every year you put 25 people in affordable housing, 2500 more people show up.It’s better for all concerned if people can stay in their homes that are being displaced.


I’m Shawn and I’ve lived here at the Theodora since 2011. I’d been hospitalized in 2010, my apartment in Wedgwood had been cleared out and everything I owned placed in storage. By the time I was discharged, both my legs had been amputated below the knee, four fingers were gone as well, and my primary means of getting around was in a wheelchair. I spent several pretty miserable months in an assisted living facility down in SeaTac before finally getting into the assisted living program that existed at that time here at the Theodora. Being back in my old neighborhood, I’d first moved here in 1995, was a vast improvement in my circumstances and morale, and I was able to transition to getting around on my prostheses, walking over to the library or taking the bus again. When the assisted living program here was discontinued, my condition had improved so much that I was offered the opportunity to stay on as an independent resident. Being on disability, I can’t afford to spend much, the Theodora allows me the perfect combination of accessibility, affordability, assistance and independence to start reclaiming my life after what I’ve been through. I wish I could count on the Theodora still being here as a secure home base.









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