Letters of Support


A letter from Council members Nick Licata, Kshama Sawant, and Mike O’Brien to VOA CEO Michael King:

“In a letter to the Council, the Office of Housing stated, ‘It is unfortunate that the Office of Housing was not given the opportunity to work more closely with VOA to determine if options were feasible.’ We’d like you to work with the Office of Housing and the Seattle-King County Housing Development Consortium to identify other options to preserve the affordability of this building”



A letter from the Ravenna-Bryant Community Council to VOA CEO Michael King:

“We urge the Volunteers of America to withdraw from the purchase and sale agreement to Goodman Real Estate and to transfer the Theodora to a non-profit organization that will preserve the building for low income tenants.” 

RBCA letter to VOA-page-001

A letter from Congressman Jim McDermott to Jack Jones, senior asset manager at the VOA:

“Given our shared goal of ensuring universal access to safe, stable, and affordable housing, I am urging all parties involved in the sale of the Theodora Apartments to work with current residents in order to secure an outcome that considers their housing needs and desires.” 

Letter to Jack Jones VOA, Theodora Apmts, 3.12.2014-page-001

Letter to Jack Jones VOA, Theodora Apmts, 3.12.2014-page-002


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