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To Mr. Michael King, national President of Volunteers of America and Ms. Dawn, chair of the Volunteers of America Board of Directors:

We ask you to withdraw from your agreement to sell the Theodora to Goodman Real Estate. We are not convinced that you have taken enough steps to seek out a buyer who is willing to keep the low-income and disabled tenants in their current homes and preserve the Theodora as low-income housing. The city of Seattle, State of Washington, and nonprofit developers, for example, could help tenants save their homes, and not enough has been done to collaborate with these entities.

The pending sale of The Theodora to Goodman Real State has already meant displacement, financial hardship and considerable trauma for vulnerable residents. For some residents, the sale would mean (and has already meant) leaving both their neighborhood and community, and the city of Seattle.

As Seattle continues to gentrify, we write to say that Seattle– and Ravenna–should be a place for tenants of all incomes to live.

 To Mr. John Goodman, Chairman, Goodman Real Estate:

We ask you to withdraw from your agreement to purchase the Theodora from the Volunteers of America.

The Theodora has been home to people in need for over 100 years. The HUD contract and mortgage is an important asset to Seattle’s affordable housing, and we do not support converting our valuable affordable housing resources to market rate housing geared toward higher-income tenants. The tenants who currently live at the Theodora have a right to stay in their homes and in the communities they have built.

Given that you are a for-profit developer with projects all over Seattle, we ask you to support our city in keeping its affordable housing and withdraw from your agreement to purchase the Theodora.


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