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“I do believe that people live not just in buildings, but also in neighborhoods. That’s another thing that bothers me. People are being uprooted not just from buildings, but from communities, from familiar association, the people they know, the lady at the dry-cleaner.. “

– Theodora Resident

We  are the current residents of the Theodora. We are veterans, seniors, and people with disabilities, and believe we have a right to stay in our homes.

The Theodora is a 110-unit building in Ravenna that has served people in need for over 100 years. Recently the Volunteers of America (VOA)–the owner of our building–announced they will be selling the Theodora to Goodman Real Estate this summer. Goodman Real Estate is a for-profit development company that has become notorious for purchasing “underutilized” buildings, making cosmetic renovations, and giving giant rent increases, ultimately displacing current residents to cater to higher-earning tenants.

At a recent meeting with tenants, Jack Jones, senior asset manager at the VOA confirmed that the VOA had not reached out for conversations with members of our local nonprofit development community including the Low Income Housing Institute, Bellweather Housing, and Plymouth Housing. We are asking the VOA to give our local community the chance to save our housing.

We have until August of this year (2014) to make sure the Theodora remains our home and a place for other low-income people in need of housing and we need your help!

How You Can Help

 Please sign our petition asking the Volunteers of America and Goodman Real Estate to keep the Theodora affordable for low-income tenants today. 


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