Declaration of Jesse Plascak Indicates Closing Of the Theodora would drastically impact people with disabilities in Seattle


As part of the Theodora Rescue Committee’s lawsuit, Jesse Plascak a post-doctoral fellow at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center of Seattle has provided an analysis of what the impact of losing the Theodora will be on people with disabilities in Ravenna and in Seattle. What he found: housing for people with disabilities is geographically clustered in North Seattle, i.e. tenants with disabilities are segregated to the edges of our city. However, the Theodora is a unique building that is not part of this cluster, and provides housing to people with disabilities in a central area of the city. According to Jesse’s declaration, “the availability of such housing in this region would be greatly diminished if the Theodora stopped housing individuals with disabilities”.

Check out some of Jesse’s maps below:

#35 Dec of Jesse Plascak-page-015


#35 Dec of Jesse Plascak-page-017

#35 Dec of Jesse Plascak-page-016


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