March and Rally with the Theodora tenants this Sunday, April 27th


March and rally with the Theodora Rescue Commitee and Lockhaven Tenants Union to call on their landlord, developer John Goodman to Be a Better Man for Ballard, Ravenna and Seattle!


11:30 AM March — Meet at Ballard Commons, corner of 22nd and 57th to march to join the rally

12:30 PM Rally — Golden Tides, Goodman’s personal marina & residence, 6017 Seaview Ave NW

RSVP on Facebook event #GoodmanBeABetterman
or email or call 206-722-6848 ext. 114

Bring boxes, suitcases, bags & bindles representing what you’d take if John Goodman displaced YOU out of your community!

More information on the Tenants Union’s website.

Tenants & allies march to demand that their landlord, Goodman Real Estate…

  1. Stop retaliating against tenants and keep its commitments
  2. Preserve 8 buildings of Lockhaven Apartments as affordable and provide relocation assistance to all involuntarily displaced tenants
  3. Withdraw from purchasing the Theodora Apartments and allow the nonprofit community to keep our low income housing affordable

As tenants across Seattle are displaced by Goodman Real Estate, please join the Lockhaven Tenants Union and the Theodora Rescue Committee as we march to call on John Goodman to be a Better Man for Ballard, Ravenna and for Seattle. We ask John Goodman to come to the negotiating table in good faith to preserve our affordable housing.

John Goodman was born and raised in Ballard, and even attended Ballard High School. But he seems to be forgetting his roots, making his community and city unaffordable for the neighbors he grew up alongside and retaliating against his tenants.

This past winter, Goodman, along with seven other shareholders including George Petrie, purchased the Lockhaven Apartments, an affordable 22-building complex in Ballard, and began the process to purchase the Theodora Apartments, a affordable HUD senior housing in Ravenna. Goodman and Petrie intend to convert both properties into housing that would be unaffordable for current residents. In many cases, Goodman plans to raise the rent by as much as double.

Though Goodman committed to transparent, honest communication, he went back on his word and retaliated against tenants organizing by accelerated their evictions 4-6 months earlier than promised. Though Lockhaven tenants have organized community support and urged Goodman to do the right thing, Goodman has rejected every one of tenants’ proposals.

We know “Goodman” could be a better man than this.
Come out and march with us to remind him!





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